Vietnam Urgent Visa Service

We have been reported that, many travelers with one or more reasons suddenly remember they have to have a Vietnam urgent visa or even some cases, clients are standing at the airport without this service!


Vietnam visa on arrival is bit different. You need to have a PRE approval letter in hand before entering the country. Without this letter, you are not allowed even boarding by airlines so this may ruin your business plan or spoil your holiday.


We therefore recommend you to check the visa issue long enough before your departure. This will make sure you are not in emergency trouble.


If you are however having this issue, just stay calm and call us to +84912476515 or +84979819575 (if one of the lines is not reachable) or even email us to: (we normally are up time and reply fast), we are able to assist you all the ways.


The details are different based on the situations you are having. We have appropriate solution for you but speak to us first.


On weekend Saturday mornings only, if you send us your personal data and payment ready before 09.00 hours local time, your approval letter (or visa) will be ready by 12.00 hours same day – this is 3 hour service.


On weekend Saturday afternoons, evenings, Sunday and public holidays, CHECK with us for actual information and cost.


On weekdays of course if you want 2 hour service then it is fine but again, check with us.

For more information on Vietnam visa, please take time to visit us at:


We thank you kindly and we wish you are having wonderful holidays.