Company Overview

Vietnam Impressive’s mission is to provide quality tourism products at reasonable price possible for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and China and combination.

Vietnam Impressive specializes in Vietnam as well as other Asian countries and we are special company as we donot sell cheap and bad quality products. We take personally care to choose the most luxurious transportation, interview guides, select hotels and restaurants to make sure all is in accordance to our commitment of standard.

We also sell hotels within Vietnam. Most of them are carefully selected and you donot need to worry on possible inconvenience – just leave your luggage and we will know how to handle it smoothly.


Quick Profile

Vietnam Impressive is public limited company focused on customer care head office based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Being short time but not new in travel industry, we serve from classical easy packages to special incentive programs for corporate clients.

We also provide hotel and fast visa services and sell train and flight tickets as part of tourism products so you can be flexible to choose what is suitable. You can buy package tour but it does not mean you could not buy only one single visa or ticket.

We are thriving to be the best tour operator in the region with continued work and effort to make your trips of life unforgettable and budget saving.


Our Philosophy

Never satisfied with what currently have “It is a pleasure checking your site with its personal touch and useful information in perfect English”, “You are a wonderful company”, “Never had any problems”, those are what our customers speak about us. To that end, we improve our speed of reply under professional manner with extensive knowledge. Continued progress to send executives for inspection and staff training to keep up to date products. Develop tight relationships to hoteliers and suppliers to make sure no single issue pops up.


Legal Status

We are fully licensed as an International Tour Operator from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) under mother company named BnB Vietnam Travel Co., Ltd. You can view the proof here.


Vietnam Impressive Management

Co-founders Mike Tran, Managing Director and Jimmy Vu, Product Manager brought Vietnam Impressive to life in June 2007. Since then, the company has grown fast with the management team of young dynamic and innovation experienced professionals in the industry.

Myriam Grest
Honorable Advisor, Managing Director of Myanmar Travel Ltd
Myriam Grest currently is strategic supervisor and website volunteer editor. She takes full responsibility for the marketing of the company in Asia.
Born in Basel, Switzerland and moved to Rangoon, Myanmar to live and set up Myanmar Travel in 1991. She is our pride and never wrong. “Swiss Miss” is her.

Andrew Yong
Director of Marketing, Australia, New Zealand and the USA
Andrew oversees and develops marketing plans and strategies to boost within Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America on the business to business basis.
Andrew lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – a charming city. Andrew was formally employed as a logistic, branch Manager for a multi-national organization.

Mike Tran
Managing Director, Vietnam Impressive Ltd
Mike Tran is Vietnam Impressive’s founding CEO responsible for growing the company in a stable fast moving forward.
Mike has a special passion in travelling and strong point of view in profession. He travels everywhere and to places new to him without hesitance how difficulty the level. He is also a biker and mountain climb lover.

Truong Thuy Lan
Sales Manager – Vietnam Impressive Ltd
Truong Lan leads online sales, sales executives training and supervising. She is nice and hard-working kind with personal touch. You will be pleased in any way communicating with her.
Excellent in French communication, good in written and spoken English, Lan is an ideal choice for her vital role in the company.

To Mai Hoa (Alice)
English Team Leader, Vietnam Impressive Ltd
Graduated from University major in Tourism in 2009, she was trained and experienced in this industry.
Very intelligent and creative, well organised and very detail, Alice rarely has mistake and she is a capable kind of person leading the team.

Nguyen To Uyen (Dora)
Spanish Team Leader – Vietnam Impressive Ltd
Graduated from Hanoi University – from both Spanish Language & Culture Department and English Language & Culture Department. She worked for Cervantes Institue – Spanish Cultural Center in Vietnam before joining our team.
Young, dynamic and ambitious, she is right person how leads our Spanish team.

Nguyen Thi Tu (Daisy)
Teambuilding, Incentive and Events
Daisy takes care and oversee tasks on the teambuilding and incentive activities. University graduated, dedicated hard work style of person with exceptional communication skills, full of unique ideas and creative, she aims for the highest level of quality – right person for the right position!

Vu Thi Dzung (Ori)

Graduated from Hanoi University from Tourism Management Department, Ori not only has academic learning in tourism but also has passion and experiences for that. She always dreams of bringing the best from her country to foreign friends while keeping the country original. Your truthful friend with truthful advices