China to Vietnam train Information

1. Beijing to Hanoi
There’s no direct train Beijing to Hanoi. You can take everyday night train Beijing to Nanning for connecting train Nanning to Hanoi.
Beijing – Nanning: T5 (1658-2005+) and T189 (1846-2259+).
Nanning-Hanoi: T8701 every Monday and Friday 2115-0515+1 Beijing time)
You should stay in Nanning for one night before taking the connection train to Hanoi


2. Guilin to Hanoi
It is same as from Beijing, you should take train from Guilin to Nanning then train Nanning to Hanoi which departs on Monday and Friday
Guilin to Nanning: K9301 (0802-1307, T8721 (1325-1820)and K9303 (1615-2102),
Nanning-Hanoi: T8701 every Monday and Friday (2115-0515+Beijing time).


3. Pingxiang to Hanoi
You take train from Nanning to Hanoi with T8701 which passes Pingxiang
Nanning-Hanoi: T8701 every Monday and Friday (2115-0515+Beijing time). If you would like to take train Pingxiang to Hanoi, the tickets must be issued in Nanning at the local railway bureau head office in Pingxiang. We sincerely apologize but we can’t get tickets as we have no rights to issue tickets for overseas tourists


4. Nanning-Hanoi
Nanning-Hanoi,T8701,every Monday and Friday(2115-0515+Beijing time)


5. Kunming – Hanoi
Kindly note that, train Kunming to Hanoi has stopped running for more than two years. Right now there’s no train between these cities.


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